DIY Remedy for Under Eye Circles


Since I decided to redesign my blog, I spent a lot of time up late working on it. As a result, I noticed my eyes were looking more and more tired during the day. I needed to fix this immediately because I can't allow myself to morph into some walking dead creature. 

DIY Under Eye Treatment

Following some research on how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, I came across evening primrose oil and vitamin E oil. Both of these oils independently combat bags and dark circles under the eye. Bags and circles make you look older, tired and sometimes people think you are sick. No thanks, I'll pass. This DIY treatment is an inexpensive alternative to drugstore and department store eye creams.

You Will Need

Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

Vitamin E Oil 

Small Storage Container



I used five capsules of primrose oil, cutting the tip off of each one and squeezing the liquid into my container.

Add one teaspoon of vitamin E oil to the mixture (I have a bottle of liquid E oil, but if you have capsules, measure out 1 teaspoon. Basically, add equal parts of both oils, in whatever quantity you want.

Shop Around

I purchased my evening primrose oil from Walmart for around $5.88. I got my E oil from CVS a while ago when they were having a two for one special. If you shop around right, you should be able to get some combination of the two for around ten bucks, more or less. 

It depends on what sales are going on. I usually choose to shop somewhere between CVS, Discount Drug-mart and Walmart for my vitamins and supplements. I don't like the vibes in Walgreens....I dont know, just something about their layout and lighting.

Use It Daily and Nightly

Apply this mixture under your eyes every day, either in the morning, at night, or both. I personally like to use it during the day because I found that when I use it right before bed, I wake up with extra sensitive eyes, as I have sensitive eyes in general. Maybe it's because my head is laying flat or something I'm not sure. That's just me. 

Be sure to apply it gently, and lightly. You don't need a lot. Also remember to add some to the outside of your eye, around the sides, as it will aid in wrinkle prevention/ reduction. 

After about a week of using this under eye treatment, I did notice the reduction of the dark circles under my eyes. But I also decided to start catching up on some more sleep, so be sure to get some rest. You can't just zomb around and then expect everything else to fix your eyes if you aren't resting. This treatment is best paired with my second under eye routine for dark circles.

Have It Both Ways

The benefits of vitamin E can be seen through topical application as well as orally. The same is true for the benefits of evening primrose oil. Once you are aware of the multiple benefits and applications of many of these wonderful oils and supplements, you will be able to enhance your life without investing too much in doing so. 

Lasts A Long Time

These capsules will last you a while, that's why this alternative is better than spending a ton of money for a fancy jar of something that you need to replace in a month. This makes me happy. Very much so. Hope it works for you, remember to do it everyday consistently over a period of time. That's pretty much how everything works.