Tumeric Under Eye DIY


The problem of dark circles under the eye can be attributed to lack of sleep, lack of hydration, genetics, stress, age and I'm sure other factors I haven't accounted for. Out of those things, we can control our water intake and at least try to get a decent amount of sleep every night. (If you are having trouble sleeping, I would suggest Melatonin, I like things with more than one benefit, and Melatonin has been used to help fight cancer as well). You can also try and control stress, but we all know taming stress isn't always the simplest of tasks. But back to the point, try and work on these things in addition to remedies like this turmeric and buttermilk mixture. 



What You'll Need

Turmeric: 1/4 Teaspoon

Buttermilk: 2 Teaspoons

Container with Lid


Mix both ingredients, and apply under eye. Let dry and leave on for about 30 minutes, at least. I like that I can feel it tighten the surface of my skin. You must refrigerate this mixture after use because it contains buttermilk that will go bad if you leave it out. I think I might have some sitting out right now in my bathroom I need to dispose of...Yea...I forgot about to put it back in the fridge. 

So you know, turmeric has the ability to stain the skin, but its very temporary. It will come off if you wash your face, and even easier if you use a light oil to remove it.

Cheap Measuring Tools

I need new measuring tools. My husband is always complaining that the measurements get worn off after like one wash. And then he never knows which is which. Cheap cheap cheap. We need to invest in the ones that have the measurements ingrained in the spoon.

Some Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric helps clear the skin of discoloration, as well as diminish wrinkles while working to keep skin supple and elastic. If you use turmeric on a consistent basis, you will most definitely begin to see your skin's natural glow improve. Resulting in healthier, more alive looking skin. 

Turmeric has tremendous anti-oxidant properties. Your skin will actually be as healthy as it appears. (I know this is random, but I just got the urge to watch Drop Dead Fred. Has anyone else seen this greatness? I was told that it was my first favorite movie ever. Ahh the fantastical). So yea, turmeric is a free radical fighting machine that you need working for you. 


Some Buttermilk Benefits

Buttermilk's lactic acid content works to soften your skin as well as brighten it. By incorporating buttermilk into your beauty routines, you will find yourself with tighter feeling skin. In case you were wondering, buttermilk is that part left over after the butter has been churned. 

A lot of people drink this stuff, but I'm going to take a smooth pass on that. It's just too thick and clumpy looking for me. But you can! You will be ingesting tons of healthy goodness, that I unfortunately will be missing out on. 

Happy drinking,