Margo Theory is a violinist, music producer and creator who works with any medium necessary to properly express herself, connect and communicate with others. In addition to playing the violin and producing music, she has a deep passion for writing, photography, and maintaining a lifestyle of continuous learning, acquiring and refining skills in many areas of study.

She is the creator of Art Loves Company, a brand that focuses on the idea that one need not choose between the different creative parts of oneself, but find a way to sew them together in harmony. It's about not being torn between your talents and interests and finding a way to bring them all together. Art Loves Company also represents the joining together of artists, sharing one grand energy and desire to create, communicate and change the waves of the world around them.  


As a violinist, Margo is drawn to deeply moving, sometimes painful melodies and passionate execution of technique. She has studied violin since childhood and draws on the memories of her mother to fuel her connection to the strings. She plans to begin a series of duets with vocalists, using the violin as an equal harmonic voice. Margo also enjoys covering songs that hold nostalgic value, her own tracks, as well as improvising dark gypsy-like melodies.

As a producer, Margo creates sounds that are as unique to her as her own fingerprints. Her music is an echo of the energy that exists within her, and a reflection of her experiences, interactions, and inspirations. Her style of music ranges outside of a common definable box. Although, a specific aspect of her style can be identified, and that is her use of layering chords and melodies within melodies, which is a direct result of spending most of her life leading orchestras and chamber ensembles. 

Margo Theory

star bath - SEQUENCE  EP

Star Bath is the first track to be released from the Sequence EP, an instrumental production. The visual project accompanying the music was created by Margo in order to share a touch of her love for typography and visual design, and to give the listeners something to absorb through the eyes. Star Bath is the opening into a realm mind-crafted by Margo herself. It is the door into her conscious location in space. 

The Sequence EP was a journey. From beginning to end, lessons were learned, problems were solved, frequencies were explored, mistakes were made. There were painful breakdowns and triumphant breakthroughs. Deep moments of doubt and depression. Feelings of fear and solitude. Confusion. Learning curves. Pure and utter determination. There was a lot of time spent cutting through thickets of unknown digital and sonic lands. A way had to be made. A path had to be blazed in order to get through to the other side. Although Sequence is imperfect, it was through the imperfections that peace was found within the project. When you've done the best you could possibly do, at your current stage, with your current resources, the next step is to accept your creation for what it is...the highlights and the shadows. Fall in love with what you've done.

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