ArtLoves: Ileana Hunter

I fell in love with Ileana Hunter's pencil drawings instantly. She has so many different people she has drawn, I would have loved to have them all on here. But since I can't possibly do that, I have included a beautiful drawings Angelina Jolie, Diana Ross and Audrey Hepburn. 

Something that had a large impact on me, regarding the structure of these pieces, is that they are all so grand in nature, but so minimal in composition. 

Not to say by any means the technical execution is minimal. She uses graphite immaculately. To be on such a large scale and small scale all at once would seem contradictory, but they seem to fit together gracefully. 

Ileana Hunter's extraordinary technical skill and immaculate execution make her worthy of much success and recognition. You must go to her Etsy shop.