How I Maintain My Senegalese Twists

I love my hair in twists. It's the best and easiest thing that has happened to me in my natural hair journey. In college, I wore my hair in kinky twists, much shorter and light brown. This is a whole new experience that has resulted in me being very happy that I don't have to worry about keeping up with my hair all of the time. 

While in the twists, I wanted to make sure my hair wasn't just drying up, so I put together an easy regimen to maintain my Senegalese twists. I've had them in for a little over two weeks now. Daily I have been spraying my hair with some leave-in conditioner. A little on the roots and down the twists about halfway. 

The leave-in conditioner that I am using currently is Creme of Nature Argan Oil. It has some strengthening properties and I wanted to be sure my hair could withstand the weight and movement of the twists. After I moisten it with the leave-in, I spray some of this sheen spray over it all to keep it with some shine and flexibility. After doing this, I truly feel like I have a healthy situation going on up there. 

I try 95% of the time to sleep with my satin scarf wrapped over my head after I bun it. After about two weeks, I felt like I needed to refresh my hair. It was looking a little worn and didn't have that fresh look to it. With these twists in particular, they look best super fresh. So I took down one twist at a time and rubbed on a glob of this Pantene Natural co-wash conditioner right onto my scalp at the root of that portion of hair.

I slide the conditioner down to soak the rest of my hair while also dabbing on a bit of Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel at the root. Afterwards, I spray the section with a little sheen spray and retwist. Such an easy situation. I am in love! I considered that to be my wash. Once I got the conditioner soaked in, my hair began to curl up, and I did a super quick detangle before retwisting. And that's it! Super happy I am. :) I'm so lazy when it comes to hair it's not even funny at all. But this right here...this is hair paradise y'all.