DIY Art Business Cards: For When There's No Time For Vista Print

I always want to be prepared when I meet someone in case it's someone who may play a serious role in my future art and business dealings. Since I am currently in between official business card designs, I decided to go to Micheal's and test out making a few of my own. Now I do have two parts of my brand, the art side and the business side. Although they come together as one, certain contacts may require a more professional card, where as others may require a more creative touch. 

I worked on these with haste, as I had many items on that day's to do list that needed to get done. As a result, I did not use a ruler or straight edge to make sure my handwriting was level. This batch was a test to see how well the process would work and what I need to do better or differently next time. I did intend on using these cards, but I also knew that I would refine the process afterwards. I made each one completely different, but still using the same overall themes and materials. It was a very fun time, and from now on, each business card intended for art industry networking will be handmade. 

Like I said before, I went to Micheal's and picked up all of these materials except the pens. I spent a total of about $15. I got the watercolors on clearance for a dollar because the package was missing a color. I got the alphabet stamps and rolls of tape on clearance as well. Micheal's has such a wonderful collection of craft paper to choose from. I needed card stock this time around so I searched specifically for any designs that fit my scheme. I needed the thicker card stock to have more of that business card feel. It worked out perfectly.

When it comes to crafting and DIY, I am never going without stamps ever again. They are just amazing. It would have been awesome if I could have ordered a stamp with whatever I needed it to say already customized and ready to go. Instead I improvised and found this alphabet stamp collection. I would like to get any logos or names made into a full stamp sometime into the future. I would stamp my forehead and go to the grocery store like everything was normal. See how many people just blatantly stare, and how many would force themselves to pretend like there wasn't a stamp on my forehead. yea....

I'm watching Spiderman 2 right now and I just have to say that Jamie Fox's character is just so good. His whole situation is just so deep on so many levels. I had a field day with scientific and biblical theories based off of Electro's existence. Random. Sorry. 

Creating your own business cards is truly a great option if you are going to an event short notice, and you don't have time to fiddle around with Vista Print, or any other business card design and printing company. I actually tried to design some cards on Photoshop, and then have them printed at Kinko's. It was such an utter failure because the resolution was off and it printed so small and it was just horrible. Horrible I say!

I'm up at the counter paying for the failed attempts, and a new employee who was training with the guy ringing me out was just perched over the counter trying to peer at the business cards and read what they said. I'm already embarrassed down to the bone, and the most important thing you want to do in life right now is figure out what's going on over here with me. No no no! Go away! Stop looking at this pure failure. 

After that fiasco, I decided I would either do my own DIY cards, or get them professionally printed. If my printer wasn't mysteriously malfunctioning, I would experiment half printing and crafting, but until then, I will finish up using these materials, and enjoy this rewarding process. I don't even care if the recipient of my cards throws them away. I at least know that my card will stand out in their possession, and I will take pictures of each one so they live on forever collected in photographic form. 


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