ArtLoves: Lips by Sherae Rivers

Lips is a piece I found to symbolize the everlasting beauty of black women. A piece that also means the world to me as it is a self portrait of my mother, Sherae Rivers. She was an amazing artist and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. One of her most known physical traits were her lips. I loved everything about her, sometimes becoming engulfed in her beauty and her mom smell, her skin smelled like mom, like I was just connected to it intrinsically. Since she has died, I feel like I am transforming into her day by day. As if we are one person. I've been told we are so much alike that we might as well be one. We were all one with our mothers, and I thank God for such an intimate connection. I have been blessed greatly by having her in my life, and I know others can attest to that as well. 

Long live Sherae Rivers. My Mother. My Muse. Myself.