Caramel Treatment for Dry Hair

The first thing I will state is that this is not caramel by any measure. When I researched this recipe, I found out that it just looks like caramel by the time you are done making it. I decided to do this treatment because of the claims that it increased moisture levels in the hair, makes hair softer, more manageable and possibly elongates curls for natural hair. I love the look of shiny, moisturized natural hair and that was my goal. Below are the ingredients I used to create the caramel hair treatment. 

♥ Pour all the ingredients in a pan and simmer over medium heat, stirring until mixed.

♥ Let the mixture cool so it can thicken a bit and not burn off your skin.

♥ Apply to hair (my hair was dry, and I used an applicator bottle to help with mess maintenance).

♥ Be sure to cover generously from root to tip with as little manipulation of your hair as possible.

♥ Cover hair with shower cap and leave in at least 30 minutes (I sat under the dryer for an hour).

♥ Rinse hair thoroughly, shampoo (sulfate-free is what I use), condition, detangle and rinse with cold water. 

♥ Refrigerate any remaining "caramel".

I found that rinsing out the treatment was very simple, it came right out with warm water. My hair was left very shiny and moisturized, like there was a coat of shine over my hair follicle. Like most treatments, I believe this will have increased benefits with continuous applications. When you go out and buy these ingredients, you will have enough left to try it out perhaps once a week for a month, give or take. My goal is to try this every weekend for a month so I can truly judge its benefits on my hair.