Saturn, Alexander

I am thrilled to include New Jersey rapper Saturn, Alexander in my Rose Land collection. Her newest collaborative track, LVLUP featuring Lavva, has an inspiring and soul moving feel to it. A sunrise comes to mind when I listen to this, a new day and a new level. I love all of her music as a whole, her flow and voice. I realized that an artist’s vocal timbre plays a large role in my immediate attraction to their work. With that being said, there is something so special about her voice that makes any word or phrase she says sound like poetry. Saturn, Alexander’s flow is a perfect example of a rhythmic stream of consciousness.

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I have come to enjoy hip hop from three different angles. The first being the artist’s ability to shape their words in various patterns, and then alternate those patterns. (I do enjoy the content and context of an artist’s words, but I’m even more drawn to how they present it.) The second element I adore is the ability to add variation in the tonal quality of their phrases, such as hitting different notes similar to how a singer does, but not as prominent. And the third aspect I enjoy is of course the music production itself. I find Saturn, Alexander hits all three of these points for me so fluently that there was no way I couldn’t write about it.

As I’ve done with some of my previous features, I will write a scene that comes to mind as I listen to Saturn, Alexander’s music. Currently, as I’m listening to Pretty Pink, I’m envisioning this...

The money finally came. This was the check that was about twenty times as much as what she’s received before. She spent the last six months visualizing this money and it finally arrived. There was a bit of uncertainty if it was ever going to come, but she resisted and didn’t allow that doubt to dig it’s roots within her mind.

The unbelievably glorious feeling she experienced in the center of her body spread like wildfire. She stared at the deposit on her phone and then immediately called her friends to holler them out of their slumber. One by one she picked them up, driving through the dark streets at six in the morning. Despite their initial grogginess, they were excited and down for the ride like always.

They drove around blasting music, singing and dancing while looking for a store that was open. She pulled up to a 24 hour supermarket. The store seemed to glow with light shining like a star in the night sky. Her and her three friends spilled out of the car and into the sliding doors. It was mostly empty except for a couple employees and a few people shopping. The gang went down the aisles, each with a cart in hand throwing random assortments of chips, fruits, drinks and prepared food in the carts.

Aisle three turned into a high speed racing lane. There was a clean up on aisle five. In aisle seven sat one of her friends quietly eating grapes. After check out, they returned to the car and sat in the huge empty parking lot. They opened every single item and began passing around food, snacks and drinks like it was a holiday dinner. After they ate, she declared that she had to get back to work and proceeded to drop each of her friends back home in which they all went right back to sleep.

Both the scene I wrote and her newest track represent this idea of moving forward and upward. It’s not only about making moves and executing actions, it’s about making the right moves and doing the best actions for what you are trying to manifest. This season we are transitioning into, in my opinion, is one of getting to the next level. The journey is no where near complete, but there are rewards at each milestone you hit.

It is time to hit this next milestone. Get there. Do whatever you need to do. If you don’t know what to do, study, research and experiment. Most importantly, everything always comes back to consistency. Consistency trumps perfection always. And one more thing, celebrate the milestones. Celebrate your accomplishments with those that celebrate you on a daily basis.

Dearest Queen Saturn, thank you for your work, your drive, your sonic contributions, and for being your most absolute and beautiful self. Your anime knowledge is supreme, and you should certainly become a cosplay queen. I wish you the highest of success and manifestations of your deepest desires.

Long Live Saturn, Alexander


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