The Impossible Gospel of Gypsy Jones

Soulful songstress Gypsy Jones, released her album The Impossible Gospel of Gypsy Jones earlier this year. Beautiful artist. Beautiful art. Sometimes I decide to share what I see in my head when I listen to music as a means to describe its feeling. I'm going to describe a scene that I visualize when I listen to The Impossible Gospel of Gypsy Jones. I find the following description to be in the same general ballpark with the visuals she created for one of the tracks on the album (which I watched after creating my own visual.) This may be an unconventional approach, but what can I say...

Her alarm went off even though it was Sunday. Usually she'd sleep in until the bed no longer felt comfortable, but today she had to be somewhere for someone. It seemed like a good idea when she first agreed to it, but now on the morning of, she just wanted fall back into slumber. She pulled herself upwards and out of bed and began shuffling through various arrangements of clothes to figure out what she would wear. 

The room was dark but she detested the overhead light and didn't feel like making the trip to the corner of the room to turn on the lamp. Curtains draped down covering the window, shielding her from whatever the sunrise brought her that morning. She stepped slightly to open the curtains to let in a bit of light.

The sky wasn't as blue as what she thought it was. It was actually quite dark for the hour. Her phone started to buzz and she saw a message from the someone she had to be somewhere for. The event was cancelled due to a forecast of rain. It was a steep fall from the hook she was on, but she landed on her feet. The day was hers but the bed no longer was appealing. She went to the kitchen and made some tea.

That cloudy Sunday morning cried out for tea so she answered the call. Her desk was covered with papers, pencils and pastels. Rain began to tap the roof while she sipped her tea and picked back up with her sketches. The face she started drawing sat incomplete on her desk for a week, but today would be the day she'd finish. Thank goodness for the rain, it was her motivation. 

In my own opinion, it's a perfect album to listen to on a cozy, creative day. If you'd like a more official review on the project check out Spark The Dope's review. It's a great read that described the project wonderfully. Overall, this is a really special project with an amazing title and glorious cover art. The vocals are super-souled and expressive. I love when artists can serve themselves up raw on a plate for consumption. It takes such bravery and power. And for that, I tip my figurative hat with admiration, support and respect.

Long Live Gypsy Jones