Journaling App Review: Perspective

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One of my favorite apps to use when it comes to forever capturing the elements of my day and the view I have of my life at that moment, is a journaling app called Perspective. This app has grown to be very special to me because I’ve collected so many living moments through written thought and uploaded images. Looking back through the calendar, I am met with such magic, as if I’m looking through a looking glass into a day and relive the moment once again. Here, I will review of all that which makes the Perspective app great .


When you first open the Perspective journaling app, you are presented with a question asking how your week was if it is the first time you’ve logged in that week. You choose between a sad face, an indifferent face and a happy face as a timer runs out beneath them.

After you enter that information, you’re taken to a massive calendar view of every year since you’re birth. The current week and day are highlighted. The daily journaling input area is such a comforting place for me now especially after spending so many evenings documenting my days. 

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In the upper right hand corner you are able to rate the day with the same lineup of smiley faces. There is a heart icon you can click to check off what activities you’ve done that day out of your list of things that make you happy. This is a list you can continuously add to and use to track which of the activities you did that day to bring you joy. 

I then proceed to the section where I get to write and recap the major points of my day. You are also able to add pictures to this area. I find this feature to be great as it serves as a bit of a time capsule. As a result, I often find myself snapping shots of memorable moments throughout the day with the intention of documenting them within the journal entry. 

Another extremely cool feature I take advantage of is the icon in the bottom left corner that looks like a deck of cards spread out with a question mark on the top card. You get a completely random questions to answer and a box to put your answer in. You can click this deck as many times as you like. I usually like to do three questions. One of the questions you may get is ‘When were you the happiest today?’. The question and answer are posted right underneath your entry and any pictures you uploaded. The layout is very pleasing to me. 

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Back on the main calendar home page, there is an icon at the top of the screen that looks like a pair of binoculars. If you click that, you’ll get an inspirational quote. You can also choose to view your entries as one fluid feed. I must tell you that this is a magical experience once you’ve captured some entries and photos in the app. I can’t quite find the words to explain it but I hope you will be able to find out for yourself. 

There are a few more features available to you that you can discover for yourself in regards to how they arrange your overall stats. It’s really one of the best journaling apps I’ve had the pleasure to experience and I am grateful for the creators and their vision. If you’re looking for something like this to arrange your existence, I definitely recommend the Perspective journaling app.  

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On a closing note, I’ll leave you with an entry I wrote in Perspective:


Today was very productive. Woke up early with Byron, cooked omelettes. Had a beautiful practice session that restored my faith as a violinist. The babies didn’t start tiring me out until the evening.

Made all three meals today, dinner was extra yummy, homemade pizza, yam fries and salad. I tried to do some digital composition but I’m having a rough time with instrumentation. Wasn’t very productive in the late evening. That bothered me a little. But overall I’m pleased with the day. I also cleaned/straightened up the house and had a few pleasant interactions with our apt complex office staff.

Perhaps I could’ve had more water to offset the coffee which may have added to some mysterious anxiety in my chest and stomach. I’m extremely eager to play violin tomorrow. I haven’t felt this way in many years. Just hope to get to bed soon.