Frohawk Styled with Shea Moisture Smoothie

I used this Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie on my hair after I did a henna treatment. This stuff smells really good and adds a lot of moisture to my hair. It's a little more expensive than my usual Cantu Leave In, but you really don't need much per section to get the job done.

After washing my hair, detangling, and sectioned off into four sections, I let air dry for a while, at least 50% dry. I took one of the four sections, split that one in two, and proceeded to add a little olive oil followed by a small dollop of the curl enhancing smoothie. I added extra to the ends of my hair and made sure my roots were nice and moisturized. Then I braided. I did it all in an episode of King of Queens. The one when it's Thanksgiving and Carrie wouldn't let the guy with the eye patch inside the house to wait for his ride. Love that show.

So I went to work the morning I took out my braids and wore it up in a bun. When I got home, I took out the bun and pinned the sides up with bobby pins. I got a braid out that was thick and full of body. I enjoyed it. I usually wouldn't wear a frohawk, that's more of my sister's thing. But today it has been done! I'll probably wear this out to the next show or art exhibit I go to.