How To Blow Dry Natural Hair Without Heat Damage

The blow out! I bought a new blow dryer, my old one stopped working mysteriously. The last time I blew my hair out was about eight months ago. I rarely put heat in my hair. Actually, I rarely do much of anything to my hair. I am someone who loves having hair, but I do not like spending a lot of time doing it. But this time, I wanted to blow it out and wear it like this for a little while before I put my twists back in. It is important to me to blow dry natural hair without heat damage. As I'm sure you know natural hair is prone to dryness, so my technique reinforces follicle protection. This process was not that difficult and it turned out very well. I did not damage my hair, which makes me very happy. The last thing I want to do is damage my hair trying to be cute, it's just not worth it. Okay so here is what I did...

First I washed my hair, co-washed to be specific. I did not have a lot of product build up so a shampoo was not necessary. After I washed my hair, I deep conditioned it and twisted it up under a t-shirt. Once it was no longer dripping wet (but still damp), I applied heat protectant and olive oil. I put my hair in about eight sections as I go. Depending on which area of my hair I'm working with, I may part that section in half again. After I add the heat protectant (which I spray into my hands first) and olive oil, I take a very wide-tooth comb and do a light detangle from the ends up, then blow dry the section on low with the wide comb attachment. After the section is able to be combed through, I turn the hair dryer up and run it through my hair a few times. Once it feels a bit dry, I add just a little more heat protectant and olive oil to refresh it a bit and give it more time to straighten out under the heat. If I don't refresh it with the product, it gets too dry and potentially damaged before it gets completely blown out to my liking. After I refresh and run the blow dryer through my hair a couple more times, I add even more of the mixture to the ends, and run it through 1-2 more times. This entire time, I haven't been focusing on the ends as much as the roots and middle. 

Once a section is complete, I brush it out with a wig brush and very loosely twist it. Once I get to the ends of the twist I add a drop of Aussie Moist conditioner and olive oil to the ends and twist. It might seem like I'm over doing it with adding heat protectant and olive oil, but it keeps my hair from drying out throughout the process. I experienced no heat damage and my hair came out great! I'm trying to get better at writing out my process, so excuse me if it seems a bit confusing. My husband suggests I make some videos in addition to this. So I will work on getting those done sometime in the future. Please contact me, or leave a comment if you have any questions regarding my blowout process or anything else hair related. I would love to hear from you. Oh and one more thing, Micheal Jackson's song Butterflies is just...exquisite. Exquisite I say. Well until next time darlings..

Lola Z.