DIY Banana Baby Food Deep Conditioner for Moisturized Natural Hair

Moisture is the greatest ally for any type of natural hair. When your hair is truly moisturized, you suffer less from breakage and frizz. I've come to realize that if you consistently repeat a potentially effective treatment (or any action), then you increase the magnitude of its potential results. I keep adding in potential because different things work for different people.  So on to the point...Bananas are consumed with amino acids, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, and E. All of these elements help to restore or strengthen chemical components found within the hair follicle. Oh the science of hair care!


Strengthens hair follicles 

Minimizes breakage

Softens hair

Restores natural elasticity

Restores heat damaged hair

Reduces frizz

Soothes itchy scalp



2 packs of 2 count banana baby food containers (the "2nd foods" version)

3 tablespoons honey

4 tablespoons olive oil



  • Mix all ingredients. 
  • (Optional) Pour into applicator bottle of some sort. 
  • Apply thoroughly to hair. Saturate as much as possible
  • Apply plastic shower cap or two, throw a bonnet or scarf in the mix. Pop on a hat to top it off if you please. I have a lot of beanie type hats just because it's my style, but they also serve a very useful purpose for my hair. But mostly, this is all to create a nice heated environment so the hair follicles can open up and soak in all the nutrients. 
  • Leave in for at least an hour. 
  • Rinse out thoroughly.
  • Saturate hair with a cleansing conditioner.
  • Rinse out thoroughly in cooler water.
  • Style as desired. I choose the LCO or LOC method of styling. Leave-in conditioner followed by either cream styler or oil. Which order I choose really depends on what products I have at them time. I either flat twist or create 8 braids. 

I must admit that the reason I switched over to the banana baby food as opposed to just using bananas is a result of a horribly tragic event involving the smashing of bananas, and the trauma that followed afterwards. I am planning on getting that together as a post later on this up coming week. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. 

But on a better note, this baby food, especially once a week, will do wonders. You can switch up the other ingredients to coconut oil or whatever else, but that banana baby food is the main star. I had softer, more moisturized hair with less frizz. I could say I used it for at least a month straight, once a week. It's also very affordable, I got mine from Walmart for a total of just around 3 dollars. Winning on all levels out here.