Aziza-Morgan is an art lifestyle blogger/creative director/musician/visual artist and photographer. She is located in the Cleveland area with her husband and son. 

The art lifestyle is the freedom to live in a world of unstopping creation unburdened by the strings of regularity. Days of exploration and nights of creation. Follow along her journey as she searches the streets for inspiring people, places, and pieces. Grow with her as she pushes forward with music and art while manifesting the definition of the art lifestyle.

Aziza-Morgan, an accomplished violinist, started her art journey on the hardwood floors of the Cleveland Music School Settlement, where she enjoyed learning grace and poise through ballet, which continued into her high school and college life. She also studied violin at The Cleveland Music School Settlement, The Cleveland Institute of Music and Bowling Green State University. Trading in her pointe shoes to point camera lenses, she found a passion for photography and the visual arts.