How long have you played the violin?

I started studying the violin twenty years ago. (Either I started young or I'm actually an ancient vampire woman.) I've spent many years playing in various orchestras and ensembles. I've studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music as well as majored in Violin at Bowling Green State University. I've also had  long hiatuses from playing as well, so I work hard to maintain my skills. 

are you married?

Yes, I have been married for five years. I have a toddler son and an infant daughter. My loves are my joy. I am deeply and infinitely grateful for them and my life. 


To help others find the light within their darkness through navigating my own shadows and finding a way out. I want to be useful. I want to benefit the world and tilt it closer to a balanced state in whatever way I can. I want to lead and serve simultaneously. 


When did you start art loves company?

I created Art Loves Company in 2011. It was a play on 'misery loves company'. I feel many artists seek art as a way to deal with darkness. I also believe that the creation and absorption of art has a healing power on people. The power to change misery into joy. Art Loves Company is also supposed to represent the connectivity and communion of artists. I am striving to build such a structure on this site.  

where do you live?

I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I'm a homeowner, yay!

what all do you do?

I play the violin, compose and produce music, write fiction and non-fiction, run a blog, sketch when I have time, play video games when I have time, I enjoy photography. I am classically trained ballet dancer. I've deeply studied more subjects that can be counted so I'm a bit of a polymath to say the least. My deepest passions involve storytelling and films. These are just a few things. I'll update this more soon.