Cultivating Creativity

I have been trying to tap into Charlie recently, attempting to cultivate creativity. Charlie is the self of mine that can dive head first into musical practice, digital creation or any creative process. I have been in August mode for weeks now. I think August might be my default self. August brainstorms blog post ideas, plans projects, organizes, schedules to-do lists, executes ideas and networks. August is driven and naturally falls into leadership roles. I have been operating in August mode for a while now and I need to transition over to Charlie, The Creative. I am all me's all the time, but different sides take turns dominating depending on where I am at mentally, and there are certain triggers. So here I am now, attempting to trigger Charlie.  

So how do I trigger Charlie? Well how about doing some record shopping, some photography, listening to a ton of music, relax a bit, find some inspiration, relax a bit more, find more inspiration and then push myself into a zone of creativity that has no rules, no regulations and no structure, just like this sentence I am currently crafting. It is when I let go of my need for perfection, precision and professionalism I can find Charlie. August has a strong hold over me, but sometimes, a lot of the times, I must let go. It's balance. It's survival. So where does record shopping come into play? You know how you set the mood for an atmosphere you want to cultivate? If you are trying to study, you might shut off the TV, put on Mozart Pandora, make some coffee or go to the library. This sets the atmosphere so that you can be active in a certain mode needed to accomplish a particular goal.

This is what I do when trying to cultivate creativity and trigger Charlie. I blow out my fresh linen scented candles and light up a Patchouli incense. I surround myself with record store types of atmospheres and buy music. I play music that inspires me to create music. I watch YouTube videos of violinists playing covers of songs I enjoy. I must surround myself with the atmosphere that will get me in the proper states of mind. And more importantly, I must summon up the right amount of initial energy to thrust me in the right direction of action. Thinking about it just isn't enough. You must put in that first and often gruesome amount of energy to get the ball rolling. It's almost like waking up from a good slumber, it's hard, but once you are up, you are one step closer to your next step.

Create the atmosphere
Summon the energy
Produce the goal