Judah Ra and the Infinite Mixtape

I have recently had the pleasure of experiencing the cosmic sounds of Judah Ra. His newest project, Infinite, is surely a unique experience. I find that it is difficult to carve out one's own individual sound amidst so much music being created, but Judah Ra has found his own corner in the world of voice and sound. Recorded in 432hz and 528hz frequencies, his Infinite mixtape is designed to heal, promote meditation, and cleanse chakras. Not only does this make Judah Ra's music enjoyable from an entertainment perspective, it shines as a tool to aid well-being. One of my favorite qualities of his music is his vocal timbre, which is clear and direct, something I value in hip hop and beyond. I have included a song from his Infinite mixtape, and a link to the rest of the project on Soundcloud. Visit his Instagram for more information on his music and purpose.