The Art Festival With No Artists: A Saturday in June

My husband and I usually travel to a local coffee shop on the weekends in order to catch up on work in a fresh environment with some vanilla or chai lattes and cappuccinos. This Saturday, we decided to head to Legacy Village, an outdoor shopping plaza that has a balcony area with WiFi that sits above a Starbucks. We had our baby with us this time and were prepared to grab some food and get to work. Pulling into the plaza we noticed that an art festival was in mid swing, Art in the Village, and of course I was ecstatic about that! I love discovering art walks and summer festivals. But before we started down the path filled with white tents and vendors, I had to run over to C'est Macaron! to try some macarons for the first time.

I absolutely love these delicate delights! I bought two raspberry lemonades and two pistachios macarons. They are light and flaky on the outside, slightly chewy within the inner layers and then the meringue right in the middle is bright and flavorful. A beautiful treat to experience. Moving on to the art festival, I must admit that I did not enjoy it. Just to quickly describe my experience, I will say that it was stuffy, and supremely arts-n-crafty. We were walking around thinking we would feel at home around fellow creatives, but there were no artists there! Arts and crafters...yes, plenty of people who do crafts and glue rhinestones on to cat clocks. Like these were the kind of arts-n-crafts that no one wants to buy...ugly, terrible items. I'm not saying that all the vendors items were unsightly, I did see some (as in very few) items that were pretty cool. One of those cool items were some wind chimes made out of sheets of crystal. I really enjoyed them, I adore wind chimes deeply and we might have even purchased one if the vendor wasn't terribly rude. I pulled out my phone to take a picture of his work and he started screaming at me, so rude and disgustingly. 

Like I understand if a creator does not want their product to be photographed, that's no problem at all. You should most certainly put up a sign saying no photography if it's that serious. This old, pale man just had a mean and short spirit within him. I politely said I would delete the picture, and that I was just a local blogger that wanted to capture the images of the art festival and he rudely said he doesn't want to be featured on any of the internet and blogs and stuff. Hey old, pale guy, if you want to conduct business with people and sell your stuff, learn to talk to people with respect. You aren't the only human being roaming this earth. Hmm, I could say it was because I am not as pale as he was that he decided to be rude, or because I am not as old as he is, perhaps he has no respect for people who still have more years ahead of them than behind them. I didn't let him ruin my time though. You come to the realization that dealing with some rude people is part of the lifestyle of blogging and photography. MOVING ON...

We went to get some lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Byron (my husband) put Julius (my son) in a highchair for the first time. He is still in the stage of babyhood where he just wants to chew and grab everything in sight. That was my second time eating there. I remember applying for a waitress job there several years ago. I even had an interview but they never called me

I didn't really like the way this picture turned out but I wanted to share some sort of proof that I was there. 

I've been extremely attracted to the bright blue and teal realm of the color spectrum lately. I saw these boats hanging up outside of L.L. Bean and grabbed a shot of them just because. I will call it color inspiration. 

I couldn't end the days events without going to pick up the next book in the series I'm reading. Finally enjoying the Divergent book series. We went to Half-Priced Bookstore first, but they didn't have any softback versions. So we headed over to Target to see if they would have my book.

And they did have it! Yay! I was so excited. This was the first time Julius sat in a shopping cart seat. I liked that there was a strap the secured him extremely well. No reaching, no tipping over, no falling, no worries. Unrelated...I am trying to get back into the habit of writing. It's so strange, when I open up a new blog post, my writing changes. Similar to an actor that is too self-aware in front the camera. I become too self-aware and thus inhibiting my natural flow of thinking and writing. I believe the more I write, the more I will be able to express myself in my natural rhythm without overthinking. Okay, that is all for now. I swear I am trying to post more now that I have organized my blog goals a bit better. We shall see. 

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