7 Ways Houseplants Can Benefit Your Health

Grocery Foliage Acquisition
I was at the grocery store a few days ago and instead of rolling through my normal route into produce, I was drawn to the plant and flower section I usually skip every time I go grocery shopping. I found some foliage and decided to add it to the beginning of my houseplant collection. Having plants in your home provides many great benefits to your health and environment. Here are seven ways houseplants can benefit your health. 

1. Purifies air
Plants can absorb toxins out of the air and convert them into food for themselves. This is especially great for those who live in apartment complexes where air is often reused and circulated throughout the vents. During the winter, when it isn't as likely to keep the windows open for fresh air, keep some plants indoor to help purify the air quality. 

2. Natural humidifier
Another way houseplants can benefit your health is by releasing vapor into the air. The added moisture content in the air will help decrease dry skin, which I happen to deal with more often than oily skin. 

3. Improves health
In addition to air purification and humidification, houseplants have been shown to improve overall health including diminishing fatigue, cold and flu symptoms. Plants hold so much healing power, and just having them in your presence is enough to reap some of the benefits. 

4. Promotes easier breathing
The most known benefit of surrounding yourself with plants is easier breathing. As you may already know, plants pull in carbon dioxide and release oxygen that we breathe in. It's actually quite beautiful, the symbiotic relationship between humans and plants. It is as if we are one living, breathing, pulsing entity with nature. One breathing earth. Inhaling the other's exhale. I love it. Also, the added oxygen will improve sleep. The more plants you have, the greater the affects. 

5. Increases focus
Houseplants can benefit your focus and mental stamina. I believe it is because there is something wired in our brains that responds positively to beauty of plant life. There is something deeply calming about a vibrant green plant, thick with leaves, standing tall or stretching wide. We find comfort in the natural phenomenons that surround us and provide for us in just the right ways.

6. Eliminates cigarette smoke toxins
I happen to be surrounded by smokers in every direction in my apartment complex. This has been quite depressing, especially after bringing my baby home and into my world here. I loathe the smell of cigarettes and the fact that plants have the ability to pull the cigarette chemicals out of the air gives me hope and happiness. The Peace Lily is a plant especially suited for the task of neutralizing the ill effects of second-hand smoke. I'll need about 50 Peace Lily's around here. 

7. Encourages greater well being
Something that I have noticed while in the presence of bright foliage is that I am just more happy in general. Houseplants have the power to contribute to a greater feeling of well-being. This is absolutely amazing and is one of the main reasons why I went out and bought some plants. There is a certain sense of tranquility and optimism that plants give off naturally.

Green Thumb Dreams
I currently have six plants in my home, and I have actually experienced the happiness that comes with having them around. My only future problem is the task of keeping them alive. My grandmother, a seasoned green thumb, gave me some tips and I am ready to try (again) at caring for plants. I grew up with my mother and one of the spare rooms in our house fully dedicated to her plant collection. It was just another fixture in my existence back then, but now, I desire to have a collection of plants that I can nurture and care for. I've been waiting for this stage of my life to activate, and perhaps finally, it has.