Coventry and Cafe

Every Saturday, my husband and I go to Phoenix coffee shop on Coventry Road. My dad or his mom will watch the baby and we pack up our laptops to enjoy a morning drinking lattes and working on various projects. I've grown to look forward to our cafe date. Some days we are more productive than others, but either way, it is good to get out and get to work in a different scenery. 

I have been pretty upset lately regarding the loss of a hard drive that contained a couple years worth of photography I valued greatly. It has to be somewhere around this house. A part of me won't give up hope, one day I will find it and reunite with my lost photographs. After venting again and again to Byron, he finally suggested I move on and just take new pictures.

I've been in a photography slump for several weeks so I decided to take advantage of our Saturday morning on Coventry and take some shots after our time in the coffee shop. It was a rather cold day out, despite the sunshine, so we quickly strolled down the street filled with boutiques and various shops. We stopped in Big Fun Toys, a vintage toy store stocked from floor to ceiling with various goodies. I really need to spend more time in there. 

On another note, I just wanted to share some of my goals for this week. I plan to wake up everyday with a to-do list ready to go in my phone. Outside of my various chores and tending to my baby boy, I plan on practicing violin and piano. I want to continue collecting my new batch of photography and creating new blog posts. I also want to get a workout and yoga session in. These are my goals. I know that everyday won't turn out exactly how I want, but I at least have a goal to shoot for. 

I am trying to be less of a perfectionist and relax a little bit. This is a daily struggle of mine because I have strangely high expectations of myself. The current exercise is letting go and relaxing. I'm not a robot.